Aristocrat Air Services, Inc. of Tacoma, Washington  has an experienced staff dedicated to excellence in the aviation and aircraft servicing industry. Aristocrat Air Sevices, Inc. takes pride in all of it’s work. Aristocrat will not settle for anything less than a perfect job and complete customer satisfaction. 

Aristocrat Air Services, Inc.’s staff is trained to follow exacting standards utilizing safe, aeronautically approved cleaning products.  Aristocrat understands and respects that each aircraft is as unique as it’s owner and operators.

Aristocrat Air Services, Inc. services all types of aircraft throughout the entire Pacific Northwest and beyond with scheduling.  No plane is too large, nor too small.

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Detailing Services:
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Exterior Detail Service:
A fresh, clean, mirror like exterior gives an immediate positive impression of any corporate jet or aircraft.  It is vital to select an aircraft cleaning company that not only understands the importance of a stand out finish but one that prides itself on such work.  Aristocrat Air Services, Inc. offers a variety of exterior cleaning services ranging from quick-stop cleanings to complete turnaround detailing at your place or ours.
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  • Aircraft Wet Washing
  Call for info.
  • Complete Exterior Wet or Dry Wash
  Includes fuselage, wings, empenage, under carriage, landing gear,
  gear wells, removal of fluid, hydraulic, and oil build up.
  • Quick Turn Service
  Perfect for the demanding pilot’s schedule or on the go touch-ups
  between deep cleanings. Removal of insect spots, oil streaking,
  exhaust/carbon removal, cleaning of windows and landing gear.
  • Aircraft Waxing
  Hand wax or machine buffing using a 2-step process. First is the
  cleaning and removal of aged wax, exhaust, lubricants including those
  on tarnished surfaces. Second is that of polishing the freshly applied
  wax to a high gloss, long lastin shine.

  • Quick Turn Aircraft Interior Cleaning
  Removal of refuse, lavorotary cleaning, cock-pit dusting, interior windows,
  vacuuming of carpets, cleaning all runners, crossing all seat-belts, wiping
  down seats and table tops.
  • Aircraft Interior Detail
  Includes all basic interior cleaning services plus: leather cleaning and
  conditioning, spot and stain removal of headliner and carpet, polishing of
  metallic surfaces such as beverage holders, light fixtures and seat-belt
  buckles and brushing out seat tracks, cleaning of all interior drawers and
  • Leather Cleaning and Detail
  Carefully cleaning of your leather to remove oils and dirt while protecting the
  surface. We then treat and condition all leather to preserve the natural beauty
  and extension of its life and use.
  • Carpet Cleaning & Extraction
  Aircraft interior carpets can take a beating. With so much traffic in a
  concentrated area, cleanliness is imperative. Carpets, more than any other
  aspect of an aircraft's interior require constant attention. Process includes
  hand spot cleaning heavy soiled areas, then using a machine to shampoo
  and extract dirt and stains. Rug surface will remain a little damp and takes
  about 2 hours to dry.
Interior Detail Service:
One visual signature of an elite aircraft is a well chosen and maintained interior. Aristocrat Air Services, Inc. understands the statement a plush, clean interior makes. Pilots come to respect and enjoy working within a sparkling cabin and cockpit.  Aristocrat Air Services, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to keep your aircraft interior sparkling clean regardless of the use or emergency.
  • Brightwork Polishing & Sealing
  Hand polish or pneumatic polishing consisting of a 3-step procedure. (1) Chemically stripping or cutting the polished surface 
  to remove oxidation and impurities such as insect marks, scratches and water spots. (2) Finely polishing the surface to a
  mirror like appearance. (3) Chemically sealing the brightwork for maximum appearance and longevity.
  • Paint Aircraft Restoration & Polishing
  Machine buffing, dull or tarnished areas to remove oxidation and carbon build-ups, pneumatically polishing restored areas
  and sealing with an anti-soil barrier.